Friday, 26 August 2016

Week 5 Update

Another busy week on the build site, check out the latest update from our project manager ...

Friday the 26th of August

“The recent mild and dry winter weather conditions have helped HRS Construction make good progress with the construction of the New Learning Hub.  The first floor steel frame was erected during the first week in August and the timber framing for the outside walls are now complete (refer to photos above).  After scaffold edge protection is installed, the steel reinforcement for the suspended first floor slab will be placed.  The concrete slab will then be poured starting very early one morning early to mid-September.  After the concrete has ‘cured’ for around one week (as concrete gains strength over time), the steel framing for the first floor and roof will be craned into position.  The design team (influenced by the school’s cultural narrative) has now selected the interior wall, floor and ceiling colours based on the colours of the Kererū (New Zealand wood pigeon) and there is only another four months left to go until the New Learning Hub is completed.”
David Kolien, Project Manager

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